Gain Control & Stability…

In the context of hydro units, the main function of the turbine governor is to regulate water into a hydraulic turbine that drives a generator to generate electricity. As a result of this regulation, the speed of rotation or the frequency of the generated voltage is kept constant. The governor also helps in synchronizing the generator to the power grid and safeguarding the unit on sudden loss of load.

Our governor control systems, based on Andritz Hydro’s HIPASE-T platform, provide reliable operation even during transient conditions such as isolated network operation.

In addition, we also design and supply complete hydraulic control equipment for turbine governors. The main components include sump tank, pumps, control and main relay valves, filters, monitoring devices, and pressure accumulators. Further, to help you fulfil compliance with grid operational requirements, we can validate your governor control performance through logic evaluations and field measurements.