Our approach and commitment to automation systems is the same irrespective of whether we are involved in an upgrade project or a new installation. At the core, our aim is to deliver to you all the benefits that the latest digital technology in automation affords. We understand that automation system is an investment, and you expect immediate returns in terms of safety, efficiency, and being able to be in full control of your operations.

The general services provided by BHUTAN AUTOMATION are listed below.

  1. Design and engineering of Industrial Automation Systems
  2. Assembly of Control and Protection Panels
  3. Factory Acceptance Testing of automation and other secondary equipment
  4. Project Management
  5. Erection and Commissioning activities related to automation contracts/works
  6. User Training

Beyond the normal services mentioned above, our competent team of professionals also provides the following services.

  • Consultancy services for industrial automation systems such as development of a master plan to keep up with the evolving technology, development/validation of technical specifications, material/system inspection, and implementation supervision.
  • Tailor-made Training Programmes
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

We would be happy to discuss with you your specific requirements or pain areas.

We will meet your requirements and expectations through our comprehensive approach highlighted below.

  • Carefully evaluate your actual automation needs and conduct site assessment, wherever required. This process not only helps us come up with solutions that are optimal for you, but also enables us to identify any opportunities to look beyond your present requirements and design a future-proof system.
  • Design and engineer the right system for your requirements applying the latest digital systems. At this stage of product development, we make it a point to actively engage your team in the development processes and fully acquaint them with the overall system concept to enable them to effortlessly transition to implementation of the project.
  • We offer you the ability to choose from a uniform range of automation products. For example, the HIPASE series is a single hardware-software platform for protection, governor, excitation, and synchronization applications. This distinctive strategy of ours will significantly reduce your initial investment and make operation and maintenance simpler and less expensive.
  • After successful commissioning, we deliver swift and flexible after-sales services, whenever required. We are committed to providing complete life cycle support for the systems we supply. You also have the option of engaging our experts to run remote diagnostics and troubleshooting your automation systems.