A Joint Venture Company of

Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPCL)

DGPC, a 100% subsidiary company of Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), was formed with the vision to promote, develop, and manage renewable energy projects, hydropower in particular, in an efficient, responsible, and sustainable manner to maximize the wealth and revenue of Bhutan.

Today, the company manages four fully owned hydropower plants, viz. BHP (64 MW), CHP (336 MW), KHP (60 MW), and THP (1020MW); and one subsidiary hydropower plant, DHPC (126 MW).

In addition, DGPC plays a key role in the accelerated development of hydropower sector in Bhutan. DGPC has invested in the development of two upcoming hydropower projects: Nikachhu Hydropower project (114 MW) and Kolongchhu Hydropower project (600 MW).

Further, as an initiative to support the hydropower sector, it provides consultancy services and runs a hydropower service center for reclamation of hydraulic turbines and other underwater components.

DGPC is an ISO certified company in Integrated Management Systems (IMS), which includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Andritz Hydro Private Limited (AHPL)

AHPL (India) is a fully owned subsidiary of Andritz Hydro GmbH (Austria). It has a leading position in India for hydropower services and equipment. AHPL also supplies equipment to all of the Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. AHPL is accredited with quality certifications and quality management and assurance programs such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

The parent organization, Andritz Hydro (GmbH) is a leading supplier of electromechanical systems and services, often termed as “water-to-wire” solutions, for hydropower plants around the globe. The company as a whole has more than 120 years of know-how and experience in providing electrical equipment for the hydro industry. With more than 420, 000 MW hydropower generation output produced by Andritz supplied equipment, the company carries the complete range of products including automation, for small to large hydro applications.

In addition, Andrtiz Hydro (GmbH), the shareholder of the shareholder, is the technology partner of BHUTAN AUTOMATION, and gives full access to its experience and resources worldwide.