Dr. Thomas Harbort
Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director
Andritz Hydro

Thomas Harbort is the Vice President of Automation (global) at Andritz HYDRO, Vienna since 2007. He has a PhD from the University of Stuttgart in Germany.
As the global head of Automation at Andritz HYDRO, Dr Thomas has been playing a very significant role in strategizing the automation products portfolio development at Andritz Hydro to fulfil the evolving needs of the hydropower systems worldwide, especially, as these systems become more cyber-physical.
Prior to his current position, Dr Thomas has served in various positions in the erstwhile VA TECH SAT/Sulzer Hydro. Dr Thomas has also worked in Zurich, Switzerland as part of an expert exchange programme between VA TECH Escher Wyss, Ravensburg and VA TECH Hydro.
Beyond Andritz HYDRO, Dr Thomas has served as the Convenor of IEC TC4 Working Group 14 for turbine governor and control systems.