For a Healthy Voltage Pulse…

Excitation system is the heart of a synchronous generator. It pumps and regulates dc current to the generator field windings to develop and control the generator voltage. Therefore, it is imperative to match the capacity and performance of the excitation system to the requirements of the generator and the associated electrical network.

These days, static excitation system is commonly used for hydro generators because of its benefits such as superior response and sustained fault support capabilities. Static excitation systems consist of excitation transformer, thyristor converters, field breakers, AVR, and associated control and protection circuits.

We provide comprehensive excitation solutions for your generators using a combination of the advanced HIPASE-E and THYNE systems from Andritz Hydro. Our systems cater to field current requirements ranging from 25 A to 10,000 A. The AVRs support all major communication protocols, thus making integration with the SCADA systems easy and seamless.